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bicycle seat covers

25 March 2010

After I made my upholstered and painted saddles I wanted to come up with other ways to customize a bike. Well, I’m still focusing on the seat, but this time with a removable cover.

fleur de lis bicycle seat cover skull skull fleur de lis bicycle seat cover

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handpainted bicycle seats

17 March 2010

This spring, while sprucing up my old Schwinn, my mind’s been wandering to other ways to share my love for 2 wheeled modes of transport. I had so much fun designing and making my bicycle seat that I decided to make a few more and see how they do at markets.

upholstered bicycle seat upholstered bicycle seat upholstered bicycle seat mushroom

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coiled fabric bowls part 2

10 March 2010

Since the first rainbow bowls I made were so popular I decided to make some more. The practice has made me faster and more familiar with the technique. I’ll be selling these at the April Freret Market and in my Etsy shop, and I thought I’d post the individual bowls here too.

coiled fabric bowls

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completely hand-made bicycle tee

5 March 2010

After the failure of my first attempt, I decided to start from scratch. My idea was to make several bicycle shirts for sale, so I decided to go for a complete Made by Julianne package. Voila, the new tee shirts I have made!

blue shirt with violet ink yellow shirt with red ink, L blue shirt with red ink M green bicycle shirt blue with orange ink red bicycle shirt green with orange ink blue with green ink, M blue with red ink

Aaaaaand they’re available on Etsy!

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bicycle tee

4 March 2010

In the spring of 2007 I did this drawing of a bicycle on a pattern rainbow over a field of flowers and have always wanted to use it for something. Finally I tried it out on a tee shirt, and I’m pretty pleased with the result.

bicycle tee bicycle tee

I love bicycles, I love rainbows, I love patterns, and I love fields of flowers! Plus I like tee shirts, so this project pleases me greatly.

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fresh pasta

27 February 2010

Although I normally don’t cook, every once in a while I get a craving too strong to ignore. I love the hand-rolled pasta at Il Restaurante da Piero but that place is out of my budget, which is one of many reasons I love it when my dad comes to town! So I tried my hand at making my own pasta and it was so good that I made it again the next night!

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rainbow fabric bowls

24 February 2010

I whipped up these bowls the other night after seeing this post and I love them! They were fun to make and are satisfying to hold in your hands. They’re sturdy enough to hold things but flexible too, a wonderful combination.

fabric bowls

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