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Burning Man

Check out the Post Nuclear Family!

In 2008 I’d never even heard of Burning Man. Now it’s completely changed my life!

an ominous sign a giant chicken car watches over an exploding rocket

For me, the biggest effect BM has had on my life is that I met and fell in love with a man I met there. Although he’s 17 years older and lived 2,000 miles away, we’ve found a way to be together. We move back and forth between Los Angeles and New Orleans, which is challenging and extremely rewarding. We were part of some amazing moments at Burning Man, but we’ve created even more magic since then. In the time since we met we just keep picking up more and more momentum!

love on the playa

Our 2010 registered theme camp is Post-Nuclear Family. We have a mini page with our logo and layout, so check us out if you’re interested in feeling the burn!

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