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Rebirth of NOLA, screw hurricanes

30 December 2009

Taken from my post on Craftster

So I live in New Orleans where I study art history at University of New Orleans. It’s way different from Tulane and Loyola, and no one’s ever heard of it unless they live here or went there (people do that sometimes). Anyway, to combine my love of art history and the rebuilding efforts of my city, I made this watercolor painting.

It’s based off of Boticelli’s Birth of Venus, but instead shows our city’s patron saint, the goddess NOLA (which I just made up) rising from the Mississippi River. The bridge in the back is the GNO which connects the two sides. The east bank is represented by the Superdome, while the west bank is symbolized by industry.

By the way, NOLA is the city’s abbreviation: New Orleans, LouisianA.

I had some posters locally printed, and I sell them at various art markets around the city. Nola posters are available on Etsy!

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