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new website!

12 June 2010

Greetings all!

It’s finally happened–after months of putting it off, I’ve moved the website onto my own server. This gives me greater flexibility and control over my pages.

This site will no longer be updated. Instead, all of my new projects are at I will soon be adding automatic redirects to all of the pages here.



circus shirt & shorts

25 May 2010

Want to know what makes me tick? Check out this interview on Slow Southern Style.

The pink and yellow stripes of the fabric made me feel like I’m at a never-ending circus in my head. All you can eat cotton candy!

circus striped outfit circus striped outfit circus striped outfit

I made the shorts for our weekly game of ultimate frisbee, but I get a kick out of wearing the set together. So far I haven’t really worn it out yet, but I think it would be great for a bike ride to the ocean. In the meantime, I’ve been wearing the shirt with a polka dot skirt or pants.

circus striped outfitIt’s made out of jersey I picked up at Fabric Planet for $1/yd–gotta love that place!

The fabric was meant to have the stripes running horizontally, but since it’s got great stretch in all directions I figured I could rotate it with no problem. Since I was already re-thinking the orientation of the fabric, I went ahead and used the back side. I like that the stripes look a little more painted on, and it hides that the fabric is turned.

circus striped outfit circus striped outfit

The shirt is a heavily modified version of the pattern I made for T shirts. It’s got raglan sleeves that come to just below my elbow, which is an unusual length for me, but I think it works great for this project.

circus striped shirt circus striped shirt


stripes and stripes

18 May 2010


I’ve always liked stripes–I love to see the patterns of lines juxtaposed with an organic human form. I think this contrast is very approachable in bright colors, especially when they match my bicycle.

teal striped shirt teal striped shirt back

The fabric is a thin jersey, with the darker teal almost as thin as a burn-out. It’s very stretchy and also drapes beautifully, so it’s very flattering to different bodies. That’s right, different bodies, because I made two of these shirts, and the other is available on Etsy. Read more…

Chalice Girl!

6 May 2010

A friend of ours is a Unitarian Universalist minister, and she’s created a Unitarian Universalist superhero to use in Sunday worship with the children–Chalice Girl. To aid in that purpose, Chalice Girl needed a costume, something that she could quickly put on while ducking behind a pulpit that would still get the kiddos excited.

chalice girl chalice girl

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sunshine forever dress

29 April 2010


The name for this dress comes from the colors and the amount of time it took me to complete! It was completely worth the work, especially when Jason and I went up to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve. What an amazing place, perfect for an afternoon of flowers, photos, and a cool bottle of rosé.

sunshine forever dress sunshine forever dress monkey antics

sunshine forever dress sunshine forever dress sunshine forever dress back

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traveling green

19 April 2010


I made this dress back in June, right after I returned from backpacking in Europe for 6 months. I wasn’t sure what my plans were, but I’d just bought a station wagon so I knew there’d be plenty of adventures. This is the first roadtrip dress!

green jersey dress green jersey dress green jersey dress front

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